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CCAP Mission:


need assistance?

we are here to help

From time to time everyone needs a little help and that is where CCAP comes in.  If you have fallen on hard times and need assistance with finances or food or clothing we are happy to get you through this time until you are sure to get back on your feet.

We make every attempt within the limits of our resources to assist every client who comes to our door.

Vision Statement:

Guided by our faith in God and love of neighbor,

CCAP is a community lifeline for all people in our area who find themselves struggling to meet basic needs, providing stability and security while enabling them find paths to self-sufficiency.

Our neighbors can always count on the compassion and generosity of the community in times of need, and will have meaningful opportunities to lift themselves out of difficult life situations.

The core principles we commit to following as we support our neighbors

in Winchester and Frederick County

Motivated by God’s call to serve those less fortunate than us

Respecting the different circumstances that bring people to us for help

Promoting dignity and self-worth through peoples’ experiences with


Encouraging long-term growth as our neighbors navigate life


Relying on community generosity with time, effort, and resources

Being grateful to our supporters and reflecting it in how we treat them

Assuring good stewardship of the help our community provides


New Client requirements

  • Applications are below, English and Spanish.  These are fillable documents so you can fill them out right here and save to your computer/phones and email to

  • Must be a resident of the city of Winchester or Frederick County, VA

  •  Provide proof of residency (Ex: current lease/rent receipt, current mortgage statement or utility bill)

  •  Provide photo ID (Driver's License/passport/Military ID)

  •  Proof of income such as a pay stub

  • Dependents such as children need birth certificate

Individuals with no fixed address (homeless) may receive exceptions of requirements


May be retrieved once a month

  • We have a clothing house

  • All seasons and sizes

  • Professional Attire

  • Job Site specific items (work boots/slip resistant shoes/other specified items per employer) Proof of Employment requirements are needed for these items

  • Linens and blankets

  • Baby/Toddler Room provides clothing/shoes, diapers and other baby care needs.  Children's books, breast pumps and more.  Must provide child's birth certificate within 60 days to continue services


food pantry

May be retrieved once a month


Pantry items include:

  • bread

  • desserts

  • pasta/sauces

  • rice

  • canned soups

  • produce

  • eggs

  • meat

  • cheese

  • canned vegetables/fruit,

  • cereal

  • milk

  • peanut butter/jelly

  • snack items       


Other items as available:

  • Pet supplies (dog/cat food, cat litter)

  • Household/Laundry products

  • Hygiene products  



May be received per your allotment

  • Assistance may be provided for rent and utilities.

  • Must provide current proof of residency and bill/expense to be paid.

  • CCAP will make final determination of assistance to be provided.



 We also provide additional services depending on the availability of resources.  Community partnerships allow CCAP to provide

  • Free firewood during winter months (Frederick County Rotary)

  • Eye Glasses (Host Lions Club)

  • Coats For Kids (Winchester Rotary)

  • Bicycles may also be provided for transport to work , work note needs to be provided as proof of need


Additional    Resources   

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